Getting To Know You And Other Candidates

What's really been fun about this experience so far has been meeting and talking with Democratic voters and public officials. 

I spoke at the Madison County Democratic Committee meeting on March 12 and the Culpeper County Democratic Committee meeting on March 23. Gene Rossi, candidate for lieutenant governor also spoke at the Culpeper meeting. I met and spoke with Susan Platt, another candidate for lieutenant governor,

Susan Platt

 and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam at the Greene County Democratic Committee meeting on March 18.

 Ralph Northam

On March 20, I attended a fundraiser in Culpeper for Attorney General Mark Herring along with the Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates seat in the 18th District, Tristan Shields.


Yesterday, I spoke at the Orange County Democratic Committee meeting and attended the Madison Free Clinic fundraiser. Today, I helped the Culpeper Persisters make signs. More excitement to come!

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