The Republican answer to grow the economy is always cut taxes and regulations. All this does is make rich people richer. I want to help people in District 30 by investing in them...job training programs, career and technical education, making community college less expensive.
Equal Pay For Equal Work
All women should be paid the same amount as men doing the same job. Men are not necessarily the primary breadwinners anymore. Men and women support themselves and their families.
Minimum Wage
The minimum wage should be raised incrementally to $15 per hour by 2020. Working people can't survive on $7.25 per hour.
The Republicans in the General Assembly let $10.4 billion go elsewhere by not expanding Medicaid. 30,000 new jobs could have been created. Providing coverage to over 400,000 adults would reduce children's uninsured rates and enhance families' financial security. 68 percent of these parents are employed.
I strongly oppose using public vouchers for private schools. In rural areas, this takes away precious money from already limited budgets. Plus, having a voucher doesn't guarantee admission to a private school.
Unless one is Native American, we are all immigrants and descendants of immigrants. Our Commonwealth should be open and welcoming to all. These hard working families deserve safe places to live and raise their children without fear of deportation. Fortunately, bills introduced in the 2017 Session that would require public colleges and universities to cooperate with ICE (HB2001) and denying state funds to sanctuary towns and cities (HB 2236) died in committee.
Internet Access
Because I live outside of a town, I have satellite Internet. It's not unlimited access, and it's very expensive. Rural counties and electric utilities should work together to find a way to use existing power lines for Internet access.
I want to send down redistricting legislation that will establish a non-partisan commission to create fair districts in Virginia. Politicians shouldn't be choosing their voters.
Absentee Voting
Voting should be easy, not hard. Virginia should remove requirements for absentee voting and should allow the use of mailed ballots.

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  • commented 2017-04-04 14:44:19 -0400
    You go Annette! Once you get a webpage up with more of your platform, please share around so we can do the same. And thank you for running.
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